Abstract Art

"IN THE BEGINNING" Shown here are the symbols for the 4 elements of life - earth, fire, air & water along with many symbols for propagation, creativity and justice.  Upward pointing triangles are always male with downward pointing triangles representing the female.  Crosses indicate the 4 directions.

3 circles - small Hand of Love-small Inner Circle-small leaves & circles-small man in woman - small in the beginning-colored-small

" CIRCLE OF LIFE" - The blood red center is the circle of all life with the female triangle at the top left (representing the right/crative side) and the male triangle representing the action/literal side.  Leaves represent the natural world while hearts stand for love.

"HAND OF LOVE" -  At the bottom right you will see the human eye observing the natural world.  Plants and flowers fill my life for although I live on a trawler, it is filled with flowers.  Also we anchor in the most natural harbours around.  The hand represents my love for nature.

"GREAT GODDESSES" - There were always 3 great Goddesses before the Christian Trinity was proposed - The Maiden, The Mother & The Crone.  Circles represent the womb of woman with the 8 representing infinity.  Hearts represent love and plants the natural world.

"CONNECTIONS" - Here I have  tried to show the duality that exists in our lives - straights with circles with all ending in reincarnation and infinity at the bottom right.  Red stands for blood and passion, yellow for creativity, green for health and blue for water & air.

"MAN IN WOMAN" - All natural life begins with the female (blue triangle pointing down) being entered by the male (red triangle pointing up) surrounded by the water of the womb.  Love begins at conception.  Wisdom is shown by the snake.

"A Fish, a snake and a Heart" - Here I tried to involve the elements of fantasy with the nature of the every day world

I began my love of symbols and abstracts long before I entered graduate school in the field of Literature.  As a child I used to see symbols everywhere in nature as I daily played outdoors.  These symbols became a part of my life, just as reading and literature did, so it is very easy for me, when cruising on Swan Song, to listen to the waves and palm trees and draw pictures of what I see.  To me being able to express myself in abstract forms with bright colours is a favorite form of happiness.

fish, snake, heart - colored