mexico friends


Life began to change for me when we landed in Hawaii. At 69 I realized that I was no longer young; although I loved cruising from Venezuela, through the San Blas Islands & canal, and up the coast of Central America to La Paz, I was tired – really tired. Even after I stayed on in La Paz to take a wonderful watercolor class, I was still tired. I don’t sleep well away from David, who was crossing the Pacific with Bill, as I was living in a strange place.

I have never been one to complain about my health, although I am sure Dave would disagree, but my knee was really bothering me and I could no longer get around without a cane. What a bother – I couldn’t walk the beach, I couldn’t shop due to pain upon walking distances and, more importantly, I couldn’t dance. I have always loved to dance, ever since I could remember, and going out to dance and not being able to is a real bummer.

Although I did go out with Liz & Greg and friends (she was my landlady), had lots of champagne to drink and danced the night away – Liz told me later that she had to threaten to leave me to get me away from the dance floor. Evidentially. I had done my “dirty dancing” with a guy on the dance floor who followed me around and called me for days. I couldn’t even remember the old buzzard – actually that is unfair – I couldn’t remember whether he was young or old but I most definitely could remember dancing for hours.

Needless to say, I suffered for this for several days and stayed in my room sketching and attending art lessons.

But I remember not feeling up to my old spunk the entire time we spent in Central America. Having visited there before, and having had a marvelous time in Guatemala and especially my weekend in Tikal, I just sort of went along with whatever Peter & David wanted to do and didn’t go off on my own much.

My vigor returned when we reached Zee town and discovered Terri and Gary there on -------- their sloop. Terri, Peter and I proceeded to have a fine time with several roaring nights on the town. Especially fun was the night we had mucho Margaritas in the evening after the Commandoes had taken all of my Amazonian orchids. Was I ever upset? Hello? That night was one to remember – especially when I fell in the water coming home in the dinghy, drowning the new camera Dave had just given me. I felt terrible the next day, both due to a hangover and the camera. Luckily, I was able to find a camera shop the next day and purchase one almost exactly like the one he had given me. 

I loved being with Terri – she is such a great friend, and a Kappa to boot, and we had had such fun in Venezuela. We hung out for a couple of days and Gary, sweet musician that he is, made an entire CD for me of hundreds of his most favorite songs. I downloaded them to my Zen and played them for years.

I have always loved Mexico and had made several trips there; Bud and I went in the 70s and had a really delightful week in Mexico City, staying at the Camino Reale and eating in wonderful restaurants; then Dusti, Judy and I explored all of the Mayan temples in the Yucatan in the early 80’s; I also stopped at the airport long enough for a massage and several days of R&R when Bud and I were Divorcing – and oh yes, Gustavous treated us to a week of pure pleasure in Acapulco when Bud was in the shrimping business in Guatemala – that was really fun as we stayed at the Acapulco Princess (this was in 83 when it was the only 5 star hotel and we had our own villa and swimming pool. I still remember the dinners under the stars – a wonderful vacation.