Black & White

I rarely paint in black and white because the joy that I have for thim is obtained by the way I use them with colors. I love color and I love to play with it when I paint. When working in black and white, however, you have the two extremes. It is impossible to go higher than white or deeper than black - giving a full range from black to white and all of the many greys inbetween.

However, when I want to make a poserful statement I sometime use black and whit. To me black and white photographs are far more potent than color. After all, many times the emotion that is to be transmitted onto the canvas or through the lens is not always beautiful. This is one of the important things that has been accomplshed in 20th century art - the raw feeling that comes across when making a really strong visual statement.

Peach in Black and White.jpg small

Peach in black and White, 1974. Ink on paper, 11" x 14"


Music has always been a very important part of my life and this love is shared with those who are close to me. This year, my grandson Paul, returned to my home from college in New Orleans so that we could celebrate Bach's birthday together. It was a wonderful party.

Rest and Pauses
Make the cacaphony
  of life
Into music

Cacaphony, 1973. Tempra and ink on paper. 20" x 26"

Forks.jpg small

Forks. 1979. Ink on paper, 11" x 14"

Part of the life on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is living through hurricanes. I have been fortunate in having very little loss from them due to the fact that even though I live on the beach, my house is rather high. As terrible as they are, much awe and excitement is still generated. Following a hurricane everyone walks the beaches to discover the wonderful misplaced objects.

*Nancy's note - Dusti's wonderful home was completely demolished in Hurricane Katrina. I am so glad that she never lived to see it; although, knowing her as well as I did, I know she would have taken it in her stride.

Hurricane, 1970. Tempra on paper. 2" x 26"

Cacophony.jpg small

Bowl, 1979 Bowl, 1979 Teapot, 1979

This I made.
Some nothing,
My past making its future

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