Christmas as an Adult

When Bud and I married we had very little money because I was teaching and making only $3,500 a year and he was in medical school where he worked at the Indianapolis Star newspaper at night.

Those Christmases were still wonderful though as both sets of parents were still alive and we spent four Christmases, until Michael was born, with them. When Michael was born everything centered around him at Christmas.

As he was born in January by the time his first Christmas rolled around he was doing the “Frog Crawl” all over my parent’s house. By this time they had moved back to Evansville where Daddy was Vice President of Sales at Mead Johnson and they were living in the home in which they eventually died.

Michael was the center of attention that Christmas as we took videos, on the new camera that we received as a present, of him doing his frog-crawl all across the living room floor to get an apple that my father had rolled to him. He was so precious and happy – just adorable. Sorry but the photos of this are all on a dvd that Michael has. The picture on the left is where Michael spent his first Christmas. The picture on the right is our home in Rockville, Md., and where Bud was a resident at the National Naval Hospital in Bethesda and also where Greg was born.

We had wonderful Christmases there also but those pictures were lost in one of the many hurricanes that I have endured.

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My father died while we were living in NYC where I did Romper Room on ABC. In 1968 we moved to Ocean Springs, MS. Where we lived until both Michael and Greg graduated from high school. Christmases there were always special. My mother spent several with us before she died as did Sara and John Horton, Bud's mother and step-father. Visiting Santa was a special treat when the boys were small.

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