Central High - Evansville, IN

When I was 15 Daddy was promoted to Sales Manager for Mead Johnson Company, now a division of Bristol Meyers Pharmacuticals, and we moved to the home office in Evansville, Indiana. I hated it. I had to leave all of my cute friends in Dallas and live outside of a good school district in Newburg forcing me to go to an inner city school rather than Bosse High where all of the nice kids attended. Mother just had to have a house with a circular drive.

Christmases there were always white and terribly cold. I have never enjoyed cold weather and generally disliked Indiana although I remember being popular and a cheerleader, which seemed terribly important at the time. I only spent two years at Central High – the 11th & 12th grade – as I was so far ahead, having come from Highland Park, that I skipped the 10th grade completely. My boyfriend was Eddie Cole, the Sr. Class President and editor of both our school paper, The Centralian and the Year Book. It was here that I truly learned Journalism, taking two full years of writing under Ralph Thyme. I had a weekly column called “It’s Just Terrell-bull” which included all sorts of high school happenings. I have always love to both read and write. Little could I have guessed that this background would enable me to have a full profession later in life when I moved to the Caribbean in 1986.

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Kappas at 50th reunion
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