Christmases during my Teens

By this time I had learned the value of giving instead of getting and every year made some sort of needlework for my family. Thank God I did this because when my parents died all of this came back to me so now, on Swan Song, I am surrounded by special pieces of love that were crafted by my own hands. I have always loved textiles and learned to sew, knit, embroider and make samplers in my teens. This love has carried throughout my life and as David says, is much cheaper than a shrink – meaning that hand work is excellent therapy for the body as well as the mind.

In 1951 we moved to Dallas, Texas and lived in several rentals before Mama found the home of her dreams on Hanover Street in University Park. Jimmy and I lived on the second floor with the dormer window being in my room. We shared a bath. My room was the larger if the two and had a sitting room as well.

This was during my adolescence and early teens, wonderful years in my life. Today, on Facebook, I have renewed many of these friendships. Nancy Clement, one of my best friends, even came to visit when her cruise ship docked in Honolulu. This is great fun for me as these years were uppermost in my mind for most of my adult life. Christmases were also great fun here as my parents were real party people and were always entertaining. Daddy was doing very well by this time so Christmases were filled with lots of presents although then, as in past and future Christmases, we always received what we needed and never anything frivolous.

Hanover 4

My best friend in the 6th grade was Betsy Manning. By the time I went to Highland Park Jr. High (considered one of the most academic public junior highs in the nation at that time) I had a whole new group of friends and these are the ones I have on Facebook now. We used to wear a lot of scarves, bobby sox, white dickies at our collar and loafers with jeans – skirts and sweaters to school.

john rumley&nancy-small
HPJHS 1955 class 8th grade