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JACK IN THE PULPIT - By Georgia O'Keefe

Richard has a four inch scar, deep into his ribcage, which shows the results of a biking accident when he was young. I really don’t have the story straight but acknowledge how the scar still fascinates me as the only blemish on his physically flawless body. Tall, muscular and well developed, in only the ways of someone who has worked outdoors at manual labor and in the sun most of his life, my lover is still, after several months under scrutiny, the ideal of aesthetic perfection housed in a male body. The sight of his undressing drives me wild sexually or, in an opposite vein, causes me to sit and stare at his physique in an endless dream of reverie. It depends on my mood as to how I am affected, but the sight of his nakedness always thrills me in its continual variations.

As a salesman for several North Carolina furniture outlets, he travels to New Orleans frequently. When in town he always stays with me at my Creole Cottage in the French Quarter. This particular incident occurs when "The Quarter" was still wild and wooly, filled with artists, musicians, hippies, exotic dancers and 'Ladies of the Evening'. It was a deliciously fun place to live with everyone bent on their own individual passions, which as it happens in the city that never sleeps, is easy to do.

As we are still in the early stages of lust, Richard always takes his time and is more than patient with me, as I do have my share of generational hang-us. One of these is oral sex. Last week, he cautiously approached this subject with me, as he has already tried physical advances in this area. My response is usually the same - a distinctive removal of his head, from my private area, with a longing to have him inside of me, instead of going down. He then decides to confront my fears in a discussion, even before we begin to make love.

Looking at me in concern he says, “You know that I only want to please you. What is it that you do not like about my going down on you?”

Taken back by such a swift change of subject to an area of conversation that I find most unpleasant, I carefully look directly into his face. I have not had this dialogue before, even though I have had many lovers. Most of my partners have been close to my age and oral sex was most assuredly not a given when we were younger – certainly not like it is today.

Looking at him with total sincerity and humility I softly reply, “My mother always told me that I was dirty ‘down there’ so I never felt comfortable with someone’s face in my crotch – especially if I liked them. Neither my husband nor past partners liked to perform oral sex with me. They always managed to reinforce the dirty feeling that my mother had already established in my mind. When I truly care for someone I obviously wouldn’t want for them to do something that they don’t enjoy.”

“But, I enjoy pleasing you. I would love to have you climax while I am sucking and licking you. It would bring me as much pleasure as it brings to you. Don’t you understand this?”

Thoughtfully I look at Richard and cupping his face in my hands smile as I reply, “And I would love to be able to benefit from your pleasure. But my hang-up is even worse than I have told you. I have enjoyed oral sex with men, and have reached climaxes doing this with them, but I have never liked the men to begin with. I know that this is weird but when I really care for someone I just cannot enjoy something that I don’t think they take pleasure in.”

“But I do take pleasure in this – believe me.” He slowly nears his torso toward mine; kissing me as he gently lowers my head and body back onto the bed. I respond so earnestly to his warmth that he thinks that perhaps this is the perfect time to obliterate decades of negative teaching.

“Relax, just relax, and trust in me,” he whispers into my ear, lightly licking my lobe.

Savoring the moment, Richard looks at me with great tenderness, giving me the feeling that I am indeed unique and very, very sexy, especially for a woman in her sixties. He is one of these unusual men who actually enjoy having his partners reach a climax through oral sex so it is not hard for him to appreciate the experience before us.

Slowly, he begins to arouse my erogenous zones - he strokes my arms lightly, creating in me a sexual tension that welcomes his touch. He then kisses my heavy breasts, even more lightly, encircling my aureole with his delicate and knowing tongue, making them taunt and desirous. He takes his time in doing this, giving each equal attention while stroking my body,

He then shifts his torso into a restful position at my side and makes sure that he is not bearing his weight down on top of me. Bending at the waist he moves his tongue down my front until it finds my naval, all the while caressing my large soft teats, which are beginning to move in rhythm to his body, showing my desire to have him continue.

Bawdy blues fill the room from the bar around the corner. The beat of sex loads me with harmonies that intoxicate me even more. Watching this scene in the huge heavily gilded wall mirror beside my bed also helps to create a surreal atmosphere as I think that perhaps this ecstasy is happening to someone else – certainly not me. Richard reaches my pubic area with his face and begins kissing around my triangle. Taking my graying hairs with his fingers, he gently pulls on several adding a heightened thrill to the sensation that I already have with him so near my danger zone.

Just as I think that his tongue will enter my genital cavity his mouth begins moving up my body once more – I realize that he is teasing me, wanting for me to desire him as much as he does me. The tension in my body increases as I arch my back slightly making his tongue climb as it ascends to my breasts once more. His hands move down to my hips and further where he begins caressing my inner thighs – he then gently traces the hair around my secret space with his fingers, but is careful not to touch it – instead he begins blowing lightly on the hairs, causing them to stiffen in anticipation. The tension in my body increases at this light pressure.

“Relax, just totally relax and give yourself to me,” he coos into my skin.
Feeling my apprehension lessen, Richard begins his descent once again, kissing and caressing my breasts once more as he gently shifts his leg so that it is placed on top of mine, repositioning me to my side so that his lips are kissing my back. Moving his tongue down my spinal chord he begins licking my buttocks, kissing the left one first, very slowly, before moving to the right.

I am going wild with desire as he moves to the underside of my leg and between my thighs, paying particular attention to applying soft strokes on the back of my knee at the same time. I love this and remember that he often stokes the inside of my arms as well as the backs of my knees during our lovemaking.

Before I realize exactly what has happened, Richard puts a pillow beneath my buttocks, gently turning me back over so that I face the mirror above. Spreading my legs apart he gently licks and kisses his way down my right leg to my ankle. He kisses my toes and then retreats, licking his way up again to my inner thigh. Carefully, he nears my labia. I takes his hair in my hands, winding his curls through my fingers, and begin pushing him towards my sex. He stops to glance up at me, giving me a sly, sexy smile of satisfaction and letting me know that he is enjoying this as much as I is.

His smile has the desired effect. I begin to moan as he caresses my outer labia with his right hand, kissing my genital area, and moving his tongue into my inner labia. By this time, I am wild with lust and craving. Already well lubricated from my natural juices, I wince with pleasure as Richard inserts his finger into my vagina while kissing my cunt. Still, he has not even touched my clitoris, something I badly needs at this point. He increases the pressure, lightly brushing the outside of my labia minor with his index finger. Then, whimpering, I feel him open my clitoris with his tongue, lightly moving the hood back to expose this sensitive area to his full mouth.

Knowing that this is exactly what turns me both ‘off and on’, he is exceptionally gentle – yet forceful. His slow foreplay has elicited the desired response as I am wishing wildly to be fulfilled. My breathing has increased and he is ever mindful of my heart condition. Slowing down just a bit, he pays more attention to his stroking, letting me catch her breath.

As I am now past the point of no return he continues, slowly licking the inner pocket of my clitoris, which is throbbing passionately, using deliberate, regular strokes, back and forth, as in painting a canvas. He moves his hands underneath my buttocks and gently raises me directly into his face. By this time I am fierce with need. Increasing the movement of his tongue, but remaining gentle so as to not hurt me, Richard brings me to the most sensual climax of my life.

While I am thrusting in ecstasy he reinserts his long fingers into my vagina and begins moving them in and out, as if in time to the music now playing from the room’s speakers. Violently, my body thrashes about, hands clutching the sheets beneath me as he finishes licking my clit moving his mouth back and forth until I am sated.

When he sees that I am spent he slowly moves his mouth to mine in a kiss that gives me back all of my own juices. Tasting just how sweet I actually am, I sigh as my body relaxes in one long spasm.

“God, what a pleasure you are,” I whisper as he rests beside my side, removing his fingers from my secret place and cupping my face in his hands, he gently responds,

“And so are you, love – and so are you.”