felt tip pen, colored pencils and crayons

These images are all abstracts that were painted on location somewhere in the Caribbean and then abstracted by color on paper.


The house below was in Isle de Saintes in Guadaloupe, one of my most favorite  haunts.


Below that is a study I did while sitting by the pool at Bahia Redondo Marina in Venezuela while facing the mountains.


The next is a scribble that I did while in the outer islands of Venezuela.  They are so flat and have such a sense of "sameness" that my pen just seemed to start in abstracts.


The final abstract is my friend Josie's pool - Dave and I housesat for her for a glorious month in 2004 in the BVI

4518445240.jpg 4518445321.jpg 4518445335.jpg 4518447578.jpg BRM -east gate -small