Keys -

Therefore the practice is like a key, the key of meditation. If we have the right key in our hand, no matter how tightly the lock is closed, when we take the key and turn it the lock falls open. If we have no key we can't open the lock. We will never know what is in the trunk.

-Ajahn Chah, "Living Dharma


  RECLINING NUDE - By Gustav Courbet (1819 - 1877)


By – Mary O’Reilly

Virginia never thought of herself as being locked away – she was a warm and open person who usually drew others to her. She loved people; their lives & problems, their loves & stories; in fact, ever since she was a small girl she had felt it a great compliment when someone would speak privately with her – actually taking her aside to confide in some aspect of their lives that was troubling them. Virginia also felt quite special when someone would give her good advice, as elders often do to children, so that she wouldn’t fall into certain “pits”, as her grandmother used to say.

She could sit for hours and listen to friends, relatives or strangers talk about their lives. Because of this love for oral narratives, it was only natural that she loved radio stories – this was what they were called before the term “Soaps” was invented. When someone was not around to talk to her in person she would turn on the radio, for she had her very own radio, a small brown walnut veneered one in her room, along with her storybook dolls, puzzles and stuffed animals.

This love for others continued as she grew in life. When, after completing her education, she chose a profession in television, which was then in its infancy, no one was surprised. She was a natural as an interviewer and through her questions, which were not noted down on paper but were asked spontaneously, her audience really got to know the person featured on the picture tube before them. Because she genuinely loved others she gave warmth to this new dimension in entertainment and oral journalism.

She married a man she earnestly loved and raised several children – successfully by today’s terms as they were now adults, had families of their own, and were financially and emotionally independent – her goal for them when they were young. As is usual, after years of marriage, she gradually grew apart from her husband; it was not unusual that he found someone younger and not as independent as she. They had an amicable divorce with Virginia finding herself on her own soon into middle age.

This suited her just fine. She went back to work – it was again only natural that, with her love for people and her background in television, she would find a second profession as a feature writer – quite logically interviewing personalities and those who had accomplished unusual feats in life. She loved this job, which gave her a great opportunity to travel and lead an uncomplicated life.
She also took various lovers – men she interviewed or worked with – men from all walks of life. She had always genuinely liked men and actually loved sex, whether alone or shared with another.

Virginia liked everything about the act of making love and could never understand why it was that she could continue loving - physically, mentally and emotionally, when the men she was with always peaked before she did. Almost always she was left wanting; she didn’t particularly feel “used” because she totally enjoyed giving and receiving affection - but she usually felt empty as though something deeply satisfying was missing. This was until she met Hunter - an event that totally changed almost every aspect of her life! Virginia was then in her mid sixties and thought that affairs, or even sex, was totally out of her life. Although she had a steady boyfriend she hadn’t really had a lover in over a decade.

Then one day it happened – just out of the blue, like a rain shower or a visit from a long lost friend. She was interviewing a group of people concerning an important community project and there he was – tall, handsome and quiet, always letting others take the spotlight while he did the work.
She knew immediately that there was a special attraction between them – they were like magnets from the beginning – each drawn to the other. After a time of unaffected friendship they became lovers. What interested her was that each time they were together she found another layer, of her already open personality, peeled away.

Virginia actually thought that she knew herself fairly well and she certainly thought that she was knowledgeable about life. She also felt that she understood men extremely well, she had certainly known enough, both in the biblical and intellectual sense, but Hunter showed her that she had not even begun in those areas, as well as several others. It was not so much that he was different from other men, although Virginia thought that he was and always had been, it was the fact, plain and simple, that Hunter was actually able to comprehend the female body and psyche in a way that she had never imagined a man being able to do.

Because of her travel schedule and profession the two were only able to meet every several weeks. Virginia obviously thought that this passion of hers for Hunter would diminish over time – the way she experienced former lovers and sexual partners. However, to her amazement, each time they met he was able to unlock a new door into her sexuality and psyche. It was as if he owned an enchanted key which gradually grew, with each meeting, into a huge ring of keys that he carried around with him in his heart – with a new key added for each next reunion.

As with most women in their sixties, Virginia was rather reticent concerning certain specific acts of love making. She certainly couldn’t be called a prude or inexperienced but sex in 2008 was hardly what it was when she was younger. So many more things were shown on TV and in print. It was as if there was a new article daily on how to better masturbate or 10 different new ways to perform fellatio. She was genuinely shocked to see such articles in print. Did we really need to know all of that information? Wasn’t making love all about turning on someone else and being turned on – just naturally? Did we actually need lessons in something so personal?

It wasn’t the physicality of their meetings – his introduction to her of anal and oral sex – it was the time he took in pleasing her, as if her feelings were the most important thing in his world. He gave her complete attention and pleasure in their lovemaking – never thinking of himself but always of her. After five months Virginia finally began to truly relax. She knew him so well, by this time, that she felt she could relay her feelings to him. They were relaxing in a hot tub after hours in bed involved in warm, intimate, personal sex – in a closeness that she could not remember sharing with anyone.

“How is this possible – that you peel off another layer each time we are together? What is it about you that allows me to enjoy you more each time we make love? I feel as though a new door has been opened on each occasion. What key do you have to both my body and my heart?”

“It’s called trust, baby – just plain old fashioned trust.”

She reached over and kissed him as he poured a bottle of cold water over her heated face. Together they emerged from the tub, toweled the other dry and headed back to bed.


  Copyright (c) 2008
  By Mary O'Reilly
  All Rights Reserved