Nirvana Day

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WATERFALL - By Georgia O'Keefe

Jennifer stares straight ahead, transfixed by dancing palms on a background of powder blue sky with an opaque aqua sea beneath. A half moon shines dimly through the sunshine, appearing in line with cotton ball clouds.

She is meeting with friends at a new seaside bar and somehow manages to seat herself between Dale, on her right with her life partner to her left. Self-imposed silence is broken by the arrival of her personal pizza. Memories of bygone hours flood her brain as she picks at the vegetarian slice placed on a plate before her. The men at the table are deep in a conversation concerning osmosis, their “box” for the moment.

Several days prior a joke video e-mail has appeared on her screen. Pushing play she is treated to a comic routine describing the differences between men’s brains (boxes) and women’s (interconnected). She thinks a great deal about this and realizes that there is much truth to the matter. Her male friends agree and admit to both thinking and talking in “boxes”, not appreciating interruptions – while everyone knows that women can, and do, amazingly, carry on several conversations at once without losing the thread of any. No judgments applying – just differences.

Jennifer’s morning has been spent with Dale. Ironically, it seems to have been divided into the same triple stages that appear to comprise women’s lives – virgin/mother/crone. Hours before, when they arrive at their posada, all of their emotions are in rapt anticipation, the virginal stage of life. Adjusting the sound system, checking out the Jacuzzi and setting the lighting just so, they slide into what could be compared as the mature and maternal stage of the female cycle - fulfillment in hours of making love in an endless sequence of orgasms - leaving her sated yet still wanting more.

When, after a final series of ecstasy in the Jacuzzi, he takes her back to their mirrored bed she has the great joy of coming into her completion/crone stage of life. Entering her, once again, she reaches even greater heights of shared pleasure as he fills her with the final joy of their afternoon – a totally physical, as well as mental and emotional, satisfaction.

“Ah!" she sighs. "Life is a delightful happening with the right partner – so full in its richness that even at this age one stands in awe.”

Lost in psychological remembrances and rapture, while male voices around her continue in conversation concerning the rigors of yachting, she wonders that it all has happened on the actual day of Buddhist teachings – the Day of Nirvana, which means, upon literal translation, “Bliss”.

Life on these special mornings, spent with her lover, is coupled with eternal sunshine, hidden sanctums and physical satedness.

“Ecstasy” indeed, she wonders - as she glances to the man seated on her right.

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