When I was a child we would spend weekends in Ashland, Va, at my grandparent's home.  They had a large old barn that I just loved.  I would spend hours there with my cousins and we would delight in hiding everywhere - including the old maple tree in front of the house.  Such wonderful memories.




Dave and I used to do a lot of racing.  One of our most favorite venues was to sail to St. Croix, USVI, for the St. Croix International Regatta in March each year.  We would always take a large Mothership with us.  In 2003 Dave happened to be on one of the top boats.  While the guys were out practicing their manouvers I would take the girls into Christiansted.


I lived in Christiansted in 1986 & 87 and knew it like the back of my hand.  We were all artists and we would sit in the square pictured here and sketch all afternoon.  This picture is derived from those sketches.


I know that I paint like a child - I can't help it - it is a style that I find easy and comfortable and it certainly doesn't intimidate anyone - besides - IT'S FUN !!!!




Whenever Dave and I happen to visit New England in the fall, I am always amazed at the trees and their wonderful colours.  Their sunsets are spectacular also.  This picture was sketched in a graveyard (they always have the most gorgeous trees) on a trip that we took back to New Hampshire to visit Dave's children and grandchildren.


As you can see, the reds and golds have already passed.  The leaves are beginning to turn yellow before they fall to the ground for winter.  The sky on this particular night was a magenta pink and with the yellow in front it was just glorious.


I love New England - but the weather is way too cold for my Southern blood.

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One thing I really enjoyed about living in the British Virgin Islands was belonging to an art group - actually, I belonged to two.  One met on Wednesday and the other on Thursday.  Below is a picture of our Thursday group.  


These women are all professional, selling, artists.  I was the only one there who painted and had no training, lessons or art school, but it didn't bother me as I totally enjoyed Thursday mornings.  We would gather at different homes and paint for three hours before having a critique, with wine and lunch.  We had a great time and I truly learned a lot just by doing and listening.  


These ladies are all water-colourists and were quite good.  For some reason they let me do my own thing and I hope enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed theirs.


I did this pastel at Jinx Morgan's home - a lovely Caribbean style home that sits on the side of a mountain and looks out over Brewer's Bay on the north side of Tortola.  Her porch is loaded with plants.  I took some of her fruit, of which she always has plenty, and arranged the setting.  I loved her pot.


Pastels are really a favorite of mine.  I love getting my hands all messy by smudging the colours in.  They are truly loads of fun.



BACK ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT -   Bonnie Hovel, Isabelle Smith, Di Kirk, Jinx Morgan, Jill Tattersall and Aileen Malcolm


FRONT ROW SEATED - LEFT TO RIGHT - Me, Ina Anderson and Josie Kernahan.