here are some photos that I have retouched and changed in experimental ways

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This page is a tribute to my adorable great neice - - -



I had the opportunity to meet Sara for the first time in the summer of 2006 and just loved her spirit, friendliness and manners.  These are pictures of her that I have used as art.  I have tried to portray Sara as I saw her - joyful as shown here, compassionate  as at her uncle's gravesite, loving as with her daddy Chris, grandmother Shirley and Mother Kim and also as kind as shown with her circle of friends.  We all wish Sara the best of love and good fortune as she grows into womanhood.


Aunt Nancy

Here Sara is pictured with her sweet daddy, Chris, on the right;  with her grandmother, Shirley underneath and at the bottom with her complete

"Circle of Friends"


Thank you for enriching our

lives, Sara

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