Serpent and the Apple - page II

Other symbols that I use in my are are as follows :

The triangle that is wider at the top represents woman - two breasts and further down her pubic area - also a triangle.
The triangle that is wider at the bottom represents man with an erect penis therefore creating, with the woman the miracle that we know as birth.
The two interlocking triangles, the symbol of Solomon or the Pagan triangle represent the Hierogamas or sacred marriage of all things male and female - yin/yang .

Likewise, all circular objects are seen to be female while all straight lines are male
Circles also represent the womb or wholeness aparent in life;
crosses indicate the four seasons, directions, winds and all things represented by four in our world.

Apple & the serpent6-small
apple & the serpent8-colored
3 serpants; 3 apples-small
Apple & the serpent 7-small


faces, apple, serpent - colored - small

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