The Workshop

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Eastern philosophies really became mainstream USA during the 60s when the Beatles went off to India to meditate and study under the guru discipleship of the Maharishi. It was quite the rage and has been ever since, if only to teach mankind to find happiness and truth from within. The outside world, or Samsara/Maya as it is called, is filled with illusion and unhappiness – inner peace brings not only wisdom but serenity.

Although I am now in my late sixties, I vividly recall a workshop I attended at Omega Institute, in Reinbeck, NY, in the mid 80s with my then lover – an impotent teacher of Eastern studies. A guru himself, we both thought that a workshop in Tantric Sex, the union of the two into one, without the assistance of intercourse, might be just the thing to get him back on track. Although I was basically not “off track” at the time, and he fulfilled other needs, I was willing to go along with his idea.

A biker with a great furry beard, we set off on his Honda Gold Wing, from Lennox, MA where he had been studying massage and I had been taking my certification as a Yoga Instructor. Oddly, years later it was those strenuous yoga exercises that threw my hip out of joint requiring a hip replacement, but now I am getting ahead of myself.

Always having loved sex I thought that a week long session in how to get physically high, without actual penetration, might be just the thing. I love new experiences and am usually game for excitement, even as I grow older. I had never biked before and was really quite excited about the experience, especially as sitting in front of the “chicken bars”, behind my lover, was like being on top of the spin cycle of a washing machine. Alas, it did me no good as Clay, like so many other men with sexual problems, showed no interest in pleasing me in other sexual ways, barring intercourse.

I have never understood this, personally, as I would think that making someone you care about reach a climax, no matter what the method, would be a turn-on itself. After all, I could try to satisfy him in other ways; but men can be very insensitive childlike creatures, most of them hiding behind exterior egos satisfied by their professions, so I accepted my fate and enjoyed his other qualities, which were many.

We enjoyed a scenic trip through the Adirondacks and arrived at Omega just before dinner. The next day was registration followed by an afternoon introductory session in our selected courses. Suitably our instructor was Asian and the workshop was filled to its capacity of thirty couples.

The next week was filled, eight hours a day, with lectures and tutorials. Each couple was furnished with a mat on which they did various yoga exercises in a preface to the day’s practices. Upon completion of a warm-up in postures we were told to sit on our mats, in the lotus position, facing our mate. Each day we engaged in eye and touching exercises, never being allowed to kiss, or even remove clothing – just to look and sense the other until we became highly aroused. Stroking was allowed with special emphasis on a different erotic spot in the body each day. The purpose of all of this was to “unite” the two separate selves into one – bringing about a spiritual unity of the soul.

Well, I don’t know about the others in the class, but to spend a week doing this with an impotent man, yes – he was sadly still incapable when we returned to our single bed room, was most probably the most frustrating experience I have ever endured.

Clay and I eventually ended our relationship and went about our individual lives. Two decades later, exactly, I met my current lover. Yesterday, after we lay in each others arms following hours of glorious, stimulating sex my thoughts strayed back to Clay.

The secret of “unity” is no secret, or magic, at all. It is simply to meet someone with whom you totally merge. Now, I cannot speak for men, for I am a woman, but when a woman merges physically with a man, and I mean they climax royally together, she also unites spiritually, emotionally and mentally. We really don’t need workshops – what we need is to meet a man, or woman, who totally understands our needs – on all levels – and cares for us enough to want to fulfill those desires. When this finally happened to me I simply relaxed and enjoyed the journey.

Nature took care of the rest !!!

Copyright (c) 2007
by Elizabeth Randolph
All rights reserved.